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The French Connoisseur is a very personal affair. It was born from the desire to bring to the UK unique wines and champagne from carefully selected French vineyards and wine-makers.

We personally go out to France to find and meet local producers. We visit their vineyards, learn about their wine-making methods, discover their history and, of course, taste their wines! We import directly and exclusively from these handpicked producers.

The wines we sell are not specifically made for export. They are authentic local wines. You will not find them anywhere else in the UK.

The French Connoisseur Fine Wines



We import from producers located in well-known wine-making regions of France who develop great wines thanks to the quality of their soils and traditional wine-making methods.

Most of our wines have been granted AOC status "Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée" which is regulated under French law. The rules and regulations that go along with being classified as an AOC wine include restrictions as to the geographical location of the vineyard, grape varieties allowed as well as methods of viticulture and wine-making used, thereby providing a guarantee of quality and consistency.

In addition, a number of our wines have received medals at various France or worldwide wine contests.

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Anne Williams - Kingston
'Céline's range of wines makes a refreshing change from the wine you get in the supermarket. I think I've sampled all of them and there's a good variety to suit different tastes and palates. You can tell they're not mass-produced - none of them have that industrial, chemical after-taste you so often get in wines in this country. My favourites are probably the Doméa Rosé, which is one of the best rosés I've ever tasted, the Bénoc red, with hints of strawberry and very good value, and all the sparkling wines. My husband and I like to buy direct from artisan growers and wine-makers whenever we're in France and buying from Céline is as good as that, without having to leave Kingston.'

Joe and Karen Lacey Holder - Kingston
'Joe and I felt that we were drinking real wine, with character, with the wine we bought from you'

Rachel Braine - Surbiton
'I have just bought some delicious French wines from Celine at The French Connoisseur. They are from the beautiful Bergerac region near Bordeaux where Celine selects the wines herself direct from the producers. My favourites are the Pelissiere Sec white which is very fruity, dry and light, and the Domea Rose, a really flavoursome rose. I also bought a gift box of two sparkling wines as a present for a friend this Christmas "'



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*We offer free delivery for any order of at least 2 (6-bottle) cases and deliver anywhere in UK mainland only. Delivery of a single case of wine will be charged at £6.50.